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    WARNING: Do not use fire resistant burn bags to isolate burning lithium-type batteries. Transferring a burning appliance into a burn bag may be extremely hazardous. - Ref. SAFO Supplement - 09013


    Lithium Fire Guard™ is a fire containment case that is designed to protect people and property from Lithium-ion battery fires that can occur in Portable Electronic Devices (PED's) such as laptop computers, tablets, readers, smart and cellular phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. A fire on an airplane, office building or cruise ship is a dangerous situation since there is virtually nowhere to run or hide and separate people from the event. The flames and toxic organic vapors can become overwhelming in a matter of seconds – especially in the confined spaces of an aircraft.


    Lithium Fire Guard is the only 100% containment technology available. Lithium Fire Guard fully contains and renders harmless the flames, heat, smoke, toxic fumes and flammable vapors that are associated with a PED in thermal runaway. See our videos on the "How It Works" page for a dramatic comparison between Lithium Fire Guard and the burn bag competition. As you will see, burn bags do not contain the smoke, fumes and vapors!


    We all know that Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are extremely powerful and do a great job of powering our portable world. What many of us do not know is that they can be extremely dangerous. Each year a growing number of commercial airliners and private aircraft have to be diverted and make emergency landings because of burning Li-ion batteries due to the increasing number of PED's being carried onboard by passengers and most airlines are installing charging stations in many seats on aircraft. Each year laptops and cellphones are also responsible for dozens of house fires, related damage and even death.


    The fact is that Li-ion batteries can spontaneously generate heat through a process called "thermal runaway", and can even cause a fire/explosion when the laptop or cellphone is powered off! With Lithium Fire Guard on board, this type of emergency can be safely and quickly handled. Lithium Fire Guard can be used on an airplane to capture, contain and control the heat, flames, toxic organic vapors, smoke, odor and passenger panic associated with these fires. There is no longer a need to make an emergency landing saving the operator considerable expense.

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    Avoid disaster, safely contain PED fires

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    PED fires can occur on planes + on the ground

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    Other devices like cell phones are also at risk


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    All PG-100's include a grabber, gloves, and safety glasses.
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    All PG100 purchases include the following items

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    The new PG100 design is based on our innovative SCOOP and is used as a SHIELD as the fire fighter approaches the burning device. The shield is transparent and enhances safety as the firefighter has full visibility (Approximate weight 12lbs)

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    Gloves and Safety Glasses

    Each unit also comes with leather welder gloves and safety glasses to allow the flight crew to safely handle the smoking or burning PED.

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